Facial Massage

Massage technique has been known by humans for thousands of years, used to relax muscles and body muscles as well as cure various diseases. Similarly, facial massage, will make blood circulation more smoothly, stress loss and blush will look more beautiful and fresh.

FACE is to mirror a person's personality and honesty. Therefore, each person must treat the face so hard, clean and youthful. Especially for those who frequent the hot water bath so that skin wrinkles easily and the hair roots quickly die or white. there are some facial massage

1. Acupressure technique
2. Technique Totok Aura

1. Acupressure technique
Many ways to make the face look more beautiful, young, and glowing. Plastic surgery face lift or maybe one of them. But, wait do not rush? Quickly decided to do it. You better start thinking about to undergo facial acupressure massage techniques. It's one natural way to get more face time beauty. eliminate shadows under the eyes due to fatigue, reduce wrinkles by stimulating the cells in the face was 'lazy' to be active again so that the skin collagen production continued to be triggered.
Massage the acupressure points are right in the face, not only makes the face seem rilek, but also youthful and radiant

Acupressure technique performed on the meridian points, among other corner of his lips, forehead, cheekbones, under the eyes and nostrils. The aim is to stimulate the smooth flow of blood vessels under the skin

You can do yourself this facial massage techniques. All you need is moisturizer. Please be prepared to massage oil of good quality and soft, such as almond oil, avocado oil (avocado), jojoba oil, olive oil, soybean oil, and others. Almond oil and jojoba oil is the oil that is soothing. You can also add 3 drops of fragrance oil into each 15 ml of base oil. If you have dry skin types, use cold cream that you can save first in the fridge. Whereas for oily skin types, mix olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice.

Acupressure massage the following tips:

. Clean the face with a refreshing and poleskan using moisturizer on my whole face and neck with a sweeping gesture toward the top.
. Dip your fingertip into the massage oil and apply to the face by drawing a circle on the face, gently rub the oil evenly to all parts of the face.
. Pinch the area slowly began to cheekbones to the jaw line (for the morning). Perform a circular motion with finger lines (for massages at night). Press for several seconds on the tense areas. Usually on the inner and outer corner of eye and base of the eyebrows.
. The fingertips of both hands pointing to the center is placed on the brow, gently massage leads to a temple. Repeat this movement, slowly continue to massage until the existing section kerutannya lines. This is called a digital strooking Movement
. Place the tip of the middle finger and ring finger above the eyebrow, near the nose. Massage outwards accompany the eyebrows, and then fell with the end of the eye (turn on the cheek bone) and massage until the nose, with a circular motion gently massage until the return to the top of the nose into place. Repeat this movement several times.
. With a circle while pointing to the back, massage your temples with the two ends of jari.pijat rotate clockwise in accordance with the movement called friction palmal
. Put both ends of your fingers above the eyebrows, then put your thumb on the cheek bone adjacent to the nose, use your thumbs to massage slowly toward your ear.
. Clench your hands, use both sides of the fingers of your hands
Use your palm to gently pat the top of the cheek.
. Put both ends of the fingers on your upper lip, then massage gently to the inside.
. Put both ends of the fingers in the lower jaw, massage the lower jaw bone down to the ear, then pat lightly from the ear leads back to the lower jaw. Repeat the movement several times.
. Pat your neck slowly upward, then repeat the motion in a circle as in step 1 above by tapping gently all over your face, facial massage done already.
. Final touch is to put both hands together next to the nose and mouth, then rubbed his palm across the face several times.

In the face massage to note the movement Avoid too much pressure on facial skin. Massage for the face should be done perlahan.Gerakan hands should rotate to the top of the face. Do not rub the face of more than 25 minutes. Use a bandana and cover the shoulders with a towel.

2. Totok Aura
One technique of facial massage using the power in the media, or prana, also called bioenergy. This is obtained through the training of art therapists breathing, and no relation at all with the mystical. We do care, a therapist bioenergy flow through the fingers that can provide and enhance positive energy, or aura, and at the same time push out negative energy.
Aura is effervescent energy, energetic, and positive. In science is defined as the body's electromagnetic energy field that
nature preserve and is located in the whole body from toes to the tips of the hair ..
Aura can not be seen as invisible, but can be felt people around. Generally, every person from birth has had an aura. Only, there are people who feel a strong aura, a radiance vast, with clear color and clear. Over time, there is an aura of radiance and color fading narrowed, due to physical exhaustion, the mind, disease, blood circulation is not smooth, or hormonal metabolism imbalance.
With ditotok expected circulation and hormones work more smoothly, so the body becomes more fresh. In addition, the positive electromagnetic energy fields that affect one's attractiveness will
appears, the color of the aura is believed to be more clear and bright, so radiant face shone even more.

To Totok Aura follow tipsnya as follows:

. At first, face first cleaned of makeup and dirt.
. Then face massage for relaxation. To be more relaxed, the legs were massaged at the same time by another therapist.
. After that, ditotok Muli face from the middle of the eyebrows meeting, then at the forehead, using the oil containing seaweed extracts, vitamin E, and vitamin C.1
. Then move to the end of the massage out the eyes and the area under the eyes, and returned to the area around the forehead and bridge of the nose bone.
. Then blooded done from the right and left edge of the nose and into the cheek bone. Totok always ended at a point in the forehead and crown - crown, interspersed with a massage at the back .
. Finally, facial mask laced with extracts containing Bengkuang, swallow's nests, and powdered milk. After silenced about 10-15 minutes, rinse face thoroughly.

Benefits of massage as a whole

city life increasingly filled with competition and higher pollution. City life, the variety of emerging businesses relaxation massage and spa where - where. . Massage has long been believed to be beneficial to health. You can enjoy the benefits of massage ranging from stress relief to speed up recovery time after illness.

With busy lives and all the pressure that must be faced every day, of course you need a way to relieve stress. Massage therapy can be your choice.

Based on scientific studies, massage therapy can enhance immune system function, reduce stress levels, with our massage will always try to calm down before experiencing chronic stress and shorten the treatment period due to certain diseases, including:

· Allergies
· Depression and anxiety
· Arthritis
· Carpal tunnel syndrome
· Asthma and bronchitis
· Problems breathing
· Insomnia
· Injury during exercise
· Fibromialgia and chronic fatigue

There are many more benefits of massage therapy. Here are some general benefits of massage:

All the activities we can physically and mentally stressful. Therefore, let the body calm and relaxed into a very important requirement. Massage therapy, can help us to relax. Massage can make our mental calm, and encourage the birth of creative thoughts. With a massage will make the body and mind relax
· Improved mental state
· It can handle the pressure
· A more positive attitude

Relieve stress
Stress management is key to running a healthy lifestyle. And massage therapy has proven to be one of the most effective way to relieve stress. Studies have found that massage therapy increases the body's immune system. This will also relieve both the stress. Massage can also increase energy, reduce pain and improve physical and mental performance.

Stress will subside also bring other benefits such as:
· Lowers heart rate
· Lower blood pressure
· Relaxes the muscles
· Increased endorphin levels of the hormone, the hormone that makes the mind calm and
. Encouraging creativity

Smooth functioning of the circulatory
In the long run, massage therapy serves to facilitate blood flow. Massage pressure can move the blood through the clogged area. This makes the release of a new blood flow into. Pressure and tug at the time of massage can also release lactic acid dai muscles and increase the flow of lymph fluid that carries waste from metabolime rest the muscles and internal organs. The result, blood pressure will drop and the body function better.

Smooth circulation will:
· Facilitate the flow of blood
· Remove metabolic waste from muscles and internal organs
· Lower blood pressure
· Improve body function

Eliminate fatigue
Hard work both physically or excessive exercise can cause acid to accumulate in the muscles - the muscles that cause pain. Massage is very effective in improving blood circulation and help eliminate clumping on the acid that causes muscle pain.

Prevent disease.
When the blood goes well it can keep the mind and body functions remain normal. Through massage the blood can flow smoothly so that increases stamina and awake.
Accelerating recovery from environmental changes that had arrived - arrived.
If the weather suddenly changed, our bodies do not adjust quickly enough so that they can fall ill. Massage helps the body adjust to changes in weather.

Not a few people to do massage, although they do not have any health complaints. Many people do massage each seeking emotional balance that comes from touching and being touched others

Lowers blood pressure
One of the best ways to lower blood pressure is to massage therapy. A number of studies have shown that massage therapy is done regularly can lower systolic blood pressure and diastolic, lowering stress hormone cortisol, reducing the sources of depression and anxiety.

Low blood pressure benefits:
· Levels of depression and lower anxiety
· Stress hormones will be controlled
· Lowers risk of heart attack, kidney failure or stroke

Relieve pain
Massage can be invigorating and rejuvenating the mind. In addition, joint repair, maintain smooth blood circulation is a key inhibitor Massage penuaan.dan process helps overcome the problem of poor blood circulation also stagnation of blood, nutrients to the muscles and other tissues.
Massage can overcome migraines and headaches due to tension in two ways. First, massage helps the body maintain relaxation in the optimal phase and reduce stress. This method can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and relieve tension. Secondly, massage can also relieve the pressure for severe migraine. You can reduce the pain by doing massage in the neck, head and shoulders.

Accelerating recovery after illness
Recovery after injury may be times exhausting. Massage therapy can play an important role as a supplement to standard treatment. By increasing circulation and relaxing muscles, massage helps the body pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs. This will make the injured area is more flexible and speed up the recovery process.

Massage for health

Based on survey results the American Massage Therapy Association in 2007, nearly a quarter of adult Americans citizens do at least once a massage in the previous year. They have many reasons for these massages.
The more who feel the benefits of massage, especially the younger generation. They can choose the desired type of massage to cure certain diseases or simply to maintain the body's health.

Massage has been done for thousands of years. Now there are 80 types of massage therapy, including pressure, movement, and varied techniques. This massage is done by using the fingers, elbows, and feet. This may be confusing. However, more important is to ensure, whether the latest types of massage that can heal you from illness. Massage for health is better known as reflexology.

Reflexology is a powerful alternative medicine, and safe, practical and inexpensive without significant side effects, other than to prevent and heal totally, this treatment can also detect or see if one of our organs are disrupted or still healthy, for example try to press a little stronger reflection point kidneys, lungs or heart, if there is a prop such as a crystal and it hurt like a needle stuck it can be ascertained that these organs are disrupted because of the resistance to blood flow through these organs. primacy may be his own reflection, which means you can treat yourself, which in turn can also help others, such as a time to find someone who fainted on the market, in the office then just hit the heart of reflection points in the left foot, or slightly stronger regional press reflections the heart under the back of the knee who fainted will usually recover consciousness immediately.
To be able to know more about Reflexology, already many courses or books on reflexology you may be interested to learn

Here are a type of massage is more popular, the first four types are the most popular types of massage.

Swedish Massage:
This type of massage is the most commonly used. These types can flex muscles tense so perfect for relaxation and strengthening. This could also help recovery after an accident or injury.

Deep Tissue Massage:
This type is best to overcome a certain pain or strain on certain body parts.

Sports Massage:
This type of system developed by the muscles to be used in a particular sport. This type of techniques developed to help the athletes during practice, before, was, and at the time following the match.

Chair Massage:
Massage is done with you sitting fully clothed on a specially designed chair and take it easy. They usually rub my neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands.
Thai Massage: The therapist uses her body to move the patient into various positions.

Hot Stone Massage:
In this type, therapists who have been placed heated stones in specific parts of the patient's body. These stones can be used as a massage or just in place at a particular body part. This type of massage can be used with other types and will make the client relax because the heat transfer into the body.

Refleksiology Massage:
Hand reflexology techniques, thumbs, and feet to stimulate specific parts of the foot. This section is believed connected with the body parts of others.

Pregnancy Massage:
During pregnancy, your body is experiencing major changes. This massage can help change by reducing stress and reduce muscle tension. This particular type of help at the time of limited medical facilities.

Massage Benefits of Health Aspects
Many massage does more than just relaxation. Here are some health problems that can be treated with massage.

Low Back Pain:
More than one study has shown the effectiveness of massage therapy to deal with back pain. One study in 2003 showed that massage works better than acupuncture. This therapy reduces 36% the use of painkillers.

Headaches are also responding to massage therapy, as indicated by more than one study. This therapy can reduce the headache frequency and reduce the problem of disturbed sleep.

In the first clinical trial to see the effectiveness of Swedish massage to deal with knee osteoarthritis, patients who do massage for one hour, once or twice a week made progress in reducing pain, stiffness, and improving body function.

Used as an addition to traditional medicine. Relaxing massage therapy, reduces symptoms of cancer or side effects from treatment. This therapy can also reduce pain, depression and enhance the body immunity.

Based on more than 12 studies show that massage therapy can help reduce depression and anxiety. This therapy lowered cortisol levels by 50% and increase the level of neutrotransmiter that helps reduce depression.

Massage pregnant

Massage has been known since a long time, since the kingdom in Java. At that time, called the Java community with the term massage is used as a massage and health facilities. Massage can be used at all age levels. Both the children, nor parents or adults. Even better, a massage by a masseuse is important to care for the elderly (seniors) as well as sportsmen. For a massage, a smooth blood circulation, and healthy body.

So, in addition to relaxation, massage can be used for the treatment of some diseases are not caused by a fungus or a virus or bacteria.

Is massage technique also applies to pregnant women? Of course. Massage will help relieve muscle spasms and cramps due to the extra burden that must be taken by pregnant women and the physical changes that occur during pregnancy. But, be sure to apply a massage technique that is safe for pregnant women to avoid the certain body parts and risky positions. It's just that, a massage or abstinence should not be carried out on pregnant women who are young (1-5 months) because of extremely risky. Massage for pregnant women should only be done in certain parts such as hands and feet, and back, and neck. Hips, stomach and waist should not be sorted.

For example, mothers who give birth or maternity helped by midwives. If there is disorder, such as the fetal position is not correct, will be treated or handled by a skilled midwife or call masseuse. Similarly, when kelahirannnya.

Pregnant women experience fatigue faster and it makes the body becomes stiff. But do not massage on pregnant women. Well from a few references and suggestions doctors, massage may be done in the body besides the abdomen, waist, and hips. The third part is certainly vulnerable to the direct contact of the baby in the womb. But it was not absolutely forbidden to have a massage, because massage in the third part was enough to help both the pregnant mother and her unborn baby.
Massage on the abdomen, waist, and abdomen should be done by people who understand the ins and outs of pregnancy and should not be done haphazardly.

That must be considered include:
. At the time of a massage should not be happening contraction, if there is contraction massage immediately stop such activities.
. Make sure the content is not a problem.
To keep unwanted things, better massage. Done at 5 months gestation upwards.
. The most important, a massage performed by a therapist or someone who understands and trained in massage for pregnant women.
. Massage your feet (reflection) is also noteworthy because there are nerves that connect the uterus. Make sure the massage does not happen contractions and other problems. It is advisable not to do foot reflexology.
. The body may be massaged and not risk the calves, arms, back, and neck.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy
Massage serves to reduce stress and at the same time teach mothers how to relax., Relaxation is one of the main keys in the process of childbirth. In addition, massage techniques also help to strengthen the process of pregnancy in a way to smooth the flow of blood, lymph circulation, reducing edema, and help prepare mental and physical readiness
Next, massage also serves to reduce joint stress due to the extra burden and help maximize breathing capacity which is needed in the process of giving birth.
can fix the position of the baby into a form that should be (once again, this should be done by a trained therapist who benar2)
melancarklan blood circulation thereby giving relaxation to the muscles and nerves of the body
metabolism launched

Body parts that need to be avoided
If you want to do massage, be sure to find therapists who are experts and experienced massage pregnant women. Body, starting from the wall of the stomach, skin, breast up to the respiratory system, will change during pregnancy. Thus, the technique used must also comply with the condition of your body. Here are some parts of the body that need special attention:
Stomach. Muscle and skin in the abdominal wall will experience a stretch. Therefore, to avoid direct massage on the stomach area.
Breast. The breasts will enlarge and sensitive and should also avoid direct massage.
Feet. Heart size will be enlarged, there was expansion of blood vessels, blood volume increased to 30-50%, an increase in blood cells red and white blood. In addition, interstitial fluid volume will increase as much as 40% in the 3rd trimester, leading to edema. In addition, women who experienced heart problems was also the greatest risk of heart failure in the 3rd trimester.

Therefore, be careful when doing foot massage in the area because it can increase the blood coagulation. The muscles that need direlakskan are adductor muscles (muscles that pull the foot and hand toward the center line of the body) so that the pelvic muscles relax too. In addition, make sure you are in a sideways position.

Position as a massage
Condition your body different from the women who are not pregnant. Therefore, the massage will also be arranged so that you are in half-reclining position. This position may not be too uncomfortable for you, but it is safe for babies. In addition, you also will be asked to change the position facing to the right side or left so that the therapist can massage your back and waist area. In addition, there will be additional booster cushion to make you feel more comfortable.

You interested? Please try. But, be sure to find a therapist who specializes in this. There was a good idea to consult with your doctor to find out your health history and get the proper referral therapists and experts. (OL-08)
Improve blood circulation which helps delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body cells of pregnant women and their fetuses. This means that increase vitality and reduce fatigue experienced by women and provide better nutrition to the fetus.

• Reduce pressure on the heart because the blood circulation more smoothly thanks to the massages.

• Helps reduce lactic acid metabolism and other body which when stacked will cause rapid muscle fatigue. In addition, the muscles that feel tight or stiff will be more relaxed so that helps the birth process later.

• Helps reduce many pregnancy disorders, such as backaches, leg aches, headaches, and swelling at the ankle and around the fingers.

• Stimulates secretion (expenses) gland product that helps stabilize hormone levels in the body.

• Recovering depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes in pregnant women.

• Helps relax the nervous tension, thus helping pregnant women to be easy to sleep soundly.

However, it must be remembered that not all pregnant women can follow this massage programs, such as women with troubled pregnancies and gestational age mothers who are still 1-5 months. Other things, massage for pregnant women should not be done by any massage, but it must be by a trained therapist. This is related to body parts specific to pregnant women if massage will cause uterine contractions early.
Massage is relaxing and can improve the blood circulation system launch. However, massage the uterus area (abdomen) should be avoided because it may cause stimulation of contraction, sometimes even painful. Massage the wrong way it makes women need other treatments to relieve pain and contractions.

Music therapy
Music can stimulate didefinsikan as alloys that form the sound vibrations that can provide regular on the sensory stimuli, organs, and also emotions. This means that individuals who listen to music will respond, both physically and psychologically, that will inspire the body systems, including the activity of glands in it. In pregnant women, the activity of various glands in the body will affect the development of the baby. also will cause the atmosphere to relax when the music is the music played a quiet, gentle, and menyejukan.

Color Therapy
In the medical field, color therapy is classified as electromagnetic medicine or treatment with electromagnetic waves. The body has an innate and automatic response to color and light without realizing it and are genetically programmed. It can occur because the color is basically an element of light and the light is one form of energy. Energizing the body will fit on the positive effects.
The energy given to pregnant women to help achieve desired conditions. For example, the color orange to give pleasure or joy. Is a natural green color which refers to the purity and harmony. Green is considered extraordinary remedy because it is used to balance and stabilize the body's energy. Also stimulates the process of thinking and learning, in addition to stimulating growth.
Aromatherapy for healing the so-called medical aromatherapy (aromatologi) performed by referring to the health sciences. For this purpose also aromatologi use essential oils or oil which is a quintessence ASIRI plants. This therapy can be carried by pregnant women since the early trimester to overcome the problems typical of the early trimester, morning sickness.
Aromatherapy is recommended for pregnant women because aromatherapy does not cause physical stimuli, also will cause the atmosphere to relax and reduce stress. But it must be remembered, usually a young pregnant woman is very sensitive to odors. So the smell of election must be individualized and not forced.

Spa Therapy
Spa for pregnant women is somewhat different from ordinary spa. No wonder if not all of the spas have this program. Spa treatments provide comfort and relaxation for pregnant women, one footbath for pregnant feet clean and free from the tension of holding the increased body weight.
There is also treatment with the warming-up or the mother's body covered with warm blankets and then gently massaged. If all the muscles are relaxed then began the massage stage of your upper back until your lower back and into the neck and shoulders and the center of the chest area. The goal is to clear space for breath. Done all that, your body will be wiped with a warm towel.
Before joining the program make sure you visit the spa has a special therapist for pregnant women. Generally, these therapists have special training and provided insight into the psychic condition of the mother who was pregnant. Noteworthy is the body's electrolyte balance of pregnant women. Therefore, avoid the spa program that causes excessive sweat out (sauna, for example) so that the body does not quickly dehydrated and electrolyte balance impaired. In addition, heat can increase the production of prostaglandins, hormones that can stimulate uterine contractions.
Hypnobirthing is one of relaxation techniques for labor welcome. Conducted with various relaxation techniques and suggestions via usapan.dan Good if followed pregnant women by causing the atmosphere pleasant.

Perinsipnya same as pregnancy exercise, only this sport is in the water. The goal for fitness, practice breathing, and blood circulation. Excess, the movement in the water free from pressure on the joints, making it very safe. Mother can soon feel the benefits.
Water sports are good, but should be supported with good water conditions and good conditions also pregnant. Feared contaminated water will actually cause infection in the womb.

Body Care
* Pedicure
2nd trimester begin at the stomach is more bloated and the mother must have been difficult to do his own foot care. Two weeks or so, it's good to do a pedicure at the salon treatment. If done since the first trimester, avoid nail cosmetic products contain chemicals such as toluene or acetone in nail polish that is often used to remove nail polish.

Body hygiene for pregnant women is important to reduce the risk of infection. Note, however, pedicure treatment (also menikur) done with less caution will only hurt the fingernail. If the salon's equipment is used in non-sterile conditions (used also by other visitors), the tool may be a media transmission of hepatitis B virus or HIV.

So, it would be nice if the mother brings his own equipment to menikur pedicure salon. Research about the dangers of chemicals in nail care medicine
for the fetus has not been done specifically, but should avoid it.

* Care face
For facial treatments, especially facials, which take into account is cream-cream that is applied during treatment. Surely pregnant women should be sure if the content of these cosmetics do not contain heavy metals, hormonal drugs, antibiotics or chemical substances which can harm a fetus. So it would be good if done d ibawah facials medical supervision.

* Creambath
Hair care for and keep clean would have become mandatory for pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant mother can do all kinds of treatments such as creambath hair, hair spa, and ozone therapy. However, should avoid the use of harsh chemicals in products such as coloring, straightening, and curling or hair pengombak. There is said hair dye is safe because it is made of herbal ingredients, but not least also the worry that any herbal hair dye contains chemicals.

Baby Massage

Massage is one alternative treatment that has recognized its effectiveness for a particular disease therapy or just keeping in shape. Not only in adults, this therapy can be done on the baby.

Newborn baby in desperate need of warmth and a touch of the closest people, especially the touch of his mother's hand. Baby massage is one way for a mother to express her love to the baby.

Baby massage is recommended for infants born prematurely. In his research on infant massage premature performed 3 times each for 15 minutes. Massage was performed for 10 days while in the incubator. The results quite surprising, when compared to other premature infants who are not
massage, a massage premature infants showed increased body weight by 47%. Not only that, premature babies who were given a massage will be faster home from the hospital,

baby massage should be performed when aged over 1 month, considering the baby's skin yet perfectly formed. Also mentally, emotionally and even babies are more stable.

supporting facilities to keep in mind when performing activities such as child massage using essential oils according to the needs of children, the room temperature, a blanket (especially as baby massage), the music, situation and mood. Some examples of essential oils are good for kids is sweet almond, eucalyptus smithii, roman chamomile, and Mandarine.

Based on the research T. Field & Scafidi of the University of Miami, USA, touch therapy (massage) can provide a positive physical effect, such as infant weight gain and increased breast milk production (ASI). Have observed changes in body weight after 20 premature infants received regular massage. Babies gain weight from 20 to 47% per day after a massage 3 x 15 minutes for 10 days. While infants aged 1 - 3 months a 15-minute massage twice a week for six weeks of weight gain higher than the group of infants who are not massaged.
This is due to the massaged babies have elevated levels of enzymes and insulin absorption so that absorption of nutrients even better. As a result the baby becomes hungry faster and therefore more frequently thereby increasing breast milk production. Rene Spitz, a pediatrician and a psychiatrist from America, reported that many babies get touches, particularly from the mother, hospitalismus rarely have symptoms such as middle ear inflammation, measles, intestinal disorders, etc.. Massage therapy 30 minutes per day can reduce depression and anxiety. Increased quiet sleep.

The purpose other baby massage is to improve the health status of infants, improve comfort, and enhance bonding between mother and child. But keep in mind, this therapy can be performed only in infants whose age is more than 6 months, babies are not in a state of diarrhea and an interval with meals or not in a state of benefits that can kenyang.Banyak felt both by you and when do sikecil baby massage , among others:

Massage Benefits
. Generally, babies who received massage on a regular basis will be more relaxed and calm.
. With the circulation of blood and oxygen to create smooth automatic immune baby better.
. Creating a healthy baby skin,
. Because weight raises the baby will eat more,.
. Was reduced so that the baby's crying habit will become more active.
. Easy to make babies sleep,
. Reduce stress hormone levels of infant,
. Helping your baby is easy to defecate (abdominal massage).
. Massage is very good for the baby to prevent colic.
. Coaching sensitivity
. Build the interaction between mother and baby
. Creating a close bond between you and the baby through eye contact
. Make you and your baby closely acquainted with each other, good addition to the physical baby, massage is also very emotional influence, because activity will establish massage bonding between child and parent. "The main element is a touch of baby massage (touch), not pressure (pressure),". Therefore, except by specialist therapists, infant massage is best done by mothers or fathers

Preparation massage:
. Washing hands with soap
. Choose the appropriate time where the child was in a state of calm. Half an hour after your baby is eating the recommended time.
. Make sure the room temperature is warm enough. Open all your baby clothes, cover his body with a blanket if the weather is rather cold or damp.
. Lay your baby a soft surface so that they would feel comfortable
. Even better if you use a special cream or baby oil baby massage so you feel more comfortable for your baby.
. Basically, the movement started baby massage from head to toe. Start with a gentle motion and warmth of the head, face. back, arms, stomach, and legs.
. Make sure you make eye contact with your baby during massage. Thus their senses will be more stimulated. Also eye contact can also enhance the visual and tactical communications between you and the baby. Do not forget to ask to speak to them get to know her mother's voice.
. When massaging your baby's movements should be soft and flexible and regularly.
. If your baby looks like to change the position berbaringnya, let alone, do not force him on in one position.
Massage techniques
. Close your eyes and press your eyelids. The pressure you can use when massaging baby.
In a small body parts using your index finger, instead use the palm of his hand on the parts of the body.
. "Little strokes" is a massage technique to touch your baby's skin gently.
. "Massage" is a gentle movement of the muscles under the skin

Method of implementation:
. Massage face:
Put the second finger on his chin and pulling towards the top
Put the second finger on the forehead and then pull to the side. Repeat 10x

. Chest massage
Put your hands on the baby's chest, then play like a butterfly. (Open palm to the middle of the baby's chest, then slide it diagonally to the upper right, then back to center, top left, back to the middle. Bottom left, back to the middle , bottom right, back to the middle.)
Repeat 10x

. Abdominal massage
Massage I Love U. Use 2 or 3 fingers, which form letter from the baby's ILU. When the positions we form letter I - L - U inverted. The following stages massage:
Sort of a baby left under the ribs to the bottom (letter I)
Sort cross from right to left baby baby, then down to the bottom (L)
Sort of right under the baby, up to the right of the baby, the curved shape of U and down again to the left of the baby. All the movement ended in the left abdomen baby.

. Massage your back
Lay hands on the back of the hand turns klanan proceed by the left hand (alternating).
Repeat 10 x

. Massage arm
Hand sorted towards the lower and upper
Massage hands with the direction of rolling with two hands

. Thighs and calves
Hold your baby's thighs with both hands. Play from the inside out, moving down towards the calf. Back to the top with the same movement. Massage the baby's legs with rolled up with two hands

. Foot soles
Massage your foot from the heel to the toes. Squeeze my fingers one by one. Massage your foot, from ankle to the toes.

Massage techniques are not too important, what matters is the frequency of routine massage, and skin contact with baby's mother. Infant massage is different to massage your baby in Indonesia, which is more like a series because of the energy released and the pressure greater. Massage is meant here is more to just wipe the movement, which carried out routinely.

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Eliminate Mouth Odor by Tea

Tea as a release thirst, also can prevent cavities, strengthens the email, and controlling bacteria in the mouth. This can eliminate bad breath or halitosis

all types of tea fitness and healty for his drinking . Experts agree examining tea leaves, which contain beneficial compounds such as polyphenols, theofilin, flavonoids, tannins, vitamin C and E. Tea also contains a number of minerals such as Zn, Se, Mo, Ge, and Mg.
Research by scientists in Singapore for four years to add a long list of benefits. Medical professor from the Department of Health for Life National University of Singapore, Ng Tze Pin, say, tea is cheap, non-toxic, and public consumption. In addition to the body, tea is also useful to prevent the hollow teeth, strengthening the email, and controlling bacteria in the mouth, "he said.

Dry flour and high polyphenol in tea, Ng Tze Pin said, is an important element to health, prevent plaque and protect the bacteria from the mouth of evil. When traveling and could not brush my teeth, it's good rinse with fresh warm tea. "If the baby from the mouth or mucous membranes is a white building at the time of sleep, with a clean cotton that has been dipped in tea, my mouth would be more fresh," he said
a disturbance in the mouth is bad breath or halitosis. Usually many ways to be removed. Starting treatment using a variety of traditional ingredients such as herbs, to consult with your doctor. However, halitosis is not turning your palms. Halitosis is often discharged into relapse and require time and patience. Good news comes from a study showed that tea has a substance capable of halitosis.

Researchers from the Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection in the Netherlands found that in the tea, there is a substance called polyphonol which can prevent the development of bacteria that cause bad breath was not pleasant. "A cup of tea with a normal thickness, sufficient to kill bacteria on the tongue. In addition to preventing pathogen growth in the mouth, oral health benefits for humans with components that cause bad breath resulting bacterial pathogen, "said Dr. Sirving OKeli.
To obtain maximum results, Sirving suggests that people with halitosis did not consume tea with milk mixture. Because the milk is useful to neutralize toxins in the body. "It's a good cup of tea without sugar mixture. The drinking of tea is a better bargain for people who have halitosis, "he said again.
optimum benefit, Sirving suggested that tea with just the right size and fit. Tea should be done with sufficient thickness, a packet of tea bags for one cup. "If the size is too small, the effect of the body will also be reduced," he said again. Noted, nearly 90 percent of the causes of mouth is the smell of sulfur bacteria that live in the back of the mouth.

bad breath associated with oral hygiene is not protected, in addition to cavities, gum infections, and dry mouth. Thick saliva, which can cause bad breath. Other causes, such as dehydration, stress, use of alcoholic mouthwash, old age or certain medicines. Other things that cause bad breath, for example, sinusitis, diabetes, liver disorders and kidney. "If the problem is bad breath appear suddenly and worsen in a short time, or at the same time with a fever or cough, immediately go to the doctor.

Healthy hair with Aroma Therapy

After creambath, hair spa treatments and hair masks favorite in the Aromatic Hair Therapy now started much interested women. What you get from this treatment is not only the hair and scalp but the spirit and mood of your opportunity to enjoy the sensation of this treatment

Hair treatments and hair spa aromatic aims to supply nutrients to the roots of the hair and how it works almost the same as therapy hair spa. Need a massage to boost blood circulation and accelerate the steamer so that penetration of nutrition assistance went well.

But the difference, aromatic therapy hair serum is used directly on the scalp and aromatic oils that work through the sense of smell. The results of hair becomes soft and some types of essential oils were able to help the process of revitalization. Relaxation spa with hair aromatherapy effects can help calm the mind and ease the tension that may occur during a massage treatment or progress.

Intensive Cream. Because the real cream from natural ingredients, has vitamins A and B5 to prevent dryness in the scalp. Allantoin content of highly effective for stimulating hair growth.

Important serum. Content of serum that contains the essential extract of the plant extract is very useful to regenerate new cells. Serum was also able to minimize skin inflammation due to the use of hair cosmetics in abundance. There are several options according to circumstances, for dandruff scalp, dry and sensitive skin or hair loss. Intensive way is to mix cream applied directly on the scalp, trunk and the tip of the hair.

Essential Oil Burner. Oil burner is intended to create a "comfort". Available in a variety of scents useful to deal with dry hair, damaged or cracked, falling hair and dandruff hair. How is the Squirt roasted in the oven with a small flame from a candle. The smell of mixed water will feel comfortable while you undergo treatment process.

Essential oil properties. Jasmine will facilitate the blood circulation in the scalp and relieve tension. Geranium will inflammation in the head and maintain the blood. Ginseng works to strengthen the hair roots and prevent loss. While Lavender is for a new generation of cells, metabolism and launched alleviate depression.

To be more shiny hair, you should avoid the use of hair cosmetics such as hair spray, hair wax or gloss Foam for 1-2 days after treatment. If you have to be rinsed with cold water or ice water. In addition, the effect of conditioner can last longer in the hair shaft, hair color so shiny and bright.

Newcomers with Fruits

To refresh, beautify your face and health did not have to cost a lot to go to a salon or spa
With natural ingredients that are often found in the kitchen you can beautify your face. Because not a few of the items that you use for cooking can also beautify the face and body.
You can display the beauty of the material easily available, cheap and nutritious main harmful effects. Many types of cleaning your face can take you from the kitchen.

Like potatoes, potatoes are potatoes good natural cleanser in addition to milk and yougart. How potato split into two parts and then rubbed on the skin

cucumber contains a lot of water is good astrigen material facts to oily skin and also act as a bleach. Cucumber has a function as a moisturizer for the skin and as anti-aging. If you use the extract of cucumber on a regular basis so you can avoid the face of pimples, blackheads and prevent premature aging and drying of the skin.
Cucumber slices can reduce eye fatigue after a hard day at the computer. For tonic, you can use grated cucumber that has been filtered. As for bleach, then you can use half a cucumber and grated Mix two tablespoons of fresh milk. given in your face around your neck, let stand a few times then rinsed with clean water.
To overcome the fatigue then you can cut the size of a medium cucumber, damaging a blender and Mix two tablespoons of milk powder and egg white. Apply the mixture on the face and neck, leave for 30 minutes and then wash with warm water.

Carrots can be used as a mask for acne skin frequently. Choosing the color of carrots, grated or crushed with blender. After that you apply for the breakouts on the skin 20 to 30 minutes and then wash with warm water. Because carrots contain beta-carotene is good for health Khasiatnya. You also need to consume fresh fruit and vegetables every day for the body and face look more fresh.

Smooth celery leaves and long-stemmed does have a unique scent, nutritious and black soil so as to prevent hair loss. After shampooing, take a fresh celery leaf and squeeze and rub into the skin when doing light massage. Take a few moments, then rinse clean.
For those of you who have a thin body and lack of appetite, then you can make celery juice. How celery puree, add water and filtered. Half a cup of honey mixed with celery juice will be able to arouse your appetite so that your body is more contained.

Leaf lettuce, such as rape and leafy flower contains materials that can soothe the skin. Because it can be used for tired skin so that the muscles become relaxed again. Also can eliminate or reduce tension lines on the skin. So you begin to eat the lettuce as much as possible, you can create a lalap and other foods in the mixture.

Orange juice, not only as a refreshing drink, orange juice also has a high medical benefit. Water, fruit, and leaves can be used as drugs for hypertension, dysentery, and vertigo. Lime juice can also remove the smell of the mouth and burn fat or slimming
Lime plants thought to have come from north Indian region. Lemon fruit contains a lot of water and vitamin C are high. Leaves, fruit, and flowers, flying oil containing limonin and linalool. Lime usually grow well in lowland areas that were exposed to sunlight.

Communities in the Netherlands, especially living in big cities like Amsterdam, Den Haag, and Rotterdam, has known the benefits of orange juice since several centuries ago. So did the people in the United States. They began to recognize the benefits of lime since the time of ancient Indians. Ohio State Biotechnology Center in the city of Columbus, Ohio, United States, had done research on lime. The result, lime rich in vitamins and contains a number of minerals. Lime lime merit is still fresh, thin-skinned and yellow-green color.

Apart from fruit, roots, leaves, and lime flowers are often used as a drug. lemon fruit contains several substances that are beneficial to the body, among others, citric acid, glucose, fats, essential oils, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, and amino acids and essential oil of lime leaves inhibits the growth of staphylococcus aureus (bacteria in skin). Lime juice can be used as a mouthwash in tenggotokan ill patient. The sweet smell of a delicious, delicious when we rinse. Her skin, if held in the mouth, can scent or reduce bad breath was delicious and overcoming inflammation because they contain acid that can kill germs.

Because of the oil content and substance in it, lemon is also used to overcome dysentery, constipation, hemorrhoid, irregular menstruation, diphtheria, acne, headache or vertigo, hoarseness, cough, body odors, increase appetite, prevent hair fall, dandruff, flu, fever, too fat, tonsils, Anyang-anyangan disease (painful urination), nosebleeds, and inflammation of the nose.


Massage is soft tissue pressing on the body, which was the purpose to cure, or a refreshing mempaerbaiki a body, and

The word massage comes from the French massage "friction squeezed", or from Arabic which means "to touch, feel or handle" mass or from the Latin word meaning "mass, dough, An older etymology may even have become Hebrew I-sakj "to anoint with oil". In distinction the ancient Greek word for massage is anatripsis, and Latin is frictio.

Massage methods and types of massage available in the world

Massage practitioners including massage therapists, athletic trainers and physical therapists. Massage practitioners working in various medical and recreational settings, and can travel to private homes or businesses. Contraindications to massage include deep vein thrombosis, bleeding disorders or taking blood thinners such as Warfarin, damaged blood vessels, weakened bones from cancer, osteoporosis, or bone fractures, and fever


Acupressure (a mixture of "acupuncture" and "pressure") is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) technique derived from acupuncture. In acupressure physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points of the hand, elbow, or with various devices.
India Traction Massage in marma therapy given in the CVN Sreepathy


Anma is a traditional Japanese massage involving kneading and the network works.

Ayurvedic Massage 

Ayurvedic Massage is a natural health care system that originated in India that incorporates massage, yoga, meditation and herbal remedies. Ayurvedic massage, also known as Abhyanga is usually performed by one or two therapists using a heated mixture of herbal oils based on Ayurvedic system of humor.

Balinese massage 

Gentle Balinese massage techniques that make the patient feel relaxed and calm throughout. The techniques include skin rolling, squeezing, stroking, etc. Aromatheraphy oil massage therapists throughout the massage effect. A patient's blood, oxygen and energy flow is said to increase as a result of treatment. By using hot stones, massage techniques from Bali Indonesia.

Barefoot Deep Tissue 

Barefoot Deep Tissue is also known as Barefoot Compressive Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, or Barefoot, is a mixture of Eastern barefoot techniques, such as Barefoot Shiatsu massage, combined with manual medicine West, including Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, transverse friction, compression, tension, shear, PNF, stretching, and the sympathetic response, the clothes do not use oil client.

These modalities generally use the heel, sesamoid, or the entire arch and the plantar foot surface, and offers great compression, tension and shear forces with less pressure from the elbow or thumb, and is ideal for large muscles, such as the thigh, or for long -long the trapezius pressure.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, which is a form of barefoot effleurage, combining western science and ingenuity of contemporary America, to a therapist who specializes in working on the network using the techniques of Swedish massage therapist performed by foot

Bowen therapy 

Bowen Technique involves a rolling movement over fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. It is said to not engage in or long contact with muscle tissue, as in most types of massage, but claims to relieve muscle tension and pressure and restore normal lymphatic flow. This is based on practices developed by Australian Tom Bowen


Breema bodywork done on the floor with the recipient fully clothed. Consists of rhythmical and gentle leans back and stretches.


Is Champissage massage technique focuses on the head, neck, and face that is believed to balance the chakras.

Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep Tissue Massage is designed to ease the severe tension in the muscles and connective tissue or fascia. This type of massage focuses on muscles that lie beneath the surface of the muscle. Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who are experiencing pain consistent, engaged in heavy physical activity, such as athletes, and patients who have sustained physical injury. It is also not unusual for Deep Tissue Massage recipients to become ill or even a bruise for a few days, although there should be no pain to the client during the session if the therapist is doing the job properly.

Esalen Massage 

Esalen Massage was developed by Charlotte Selver and works with gentle rocking of the body, passive joint exercises and structural work on the muscles and joints, together with the energetic balancing the body.

Hilot Massage 

Hilot Massage is a traditional healing techniques from the Philippines which also includes massage techniques. Massage techniques relax stressed muscles. Hilot also includes joint manipulation to help relax stressed muscles.

Hilot includes various treatment techniques outside the stressed muscles. Hilot is used to reset dislocated and sprained joints, diagnose and treat diseases and musculoskeletal musculoligamentous, and even to help give birth and to induce abortion.

Lomi Lomi massage and indigenous in Oceania
Lomilomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage. As a customary practice, it varies by island and by family. The word is also used for lomilomi massage in Samoa and East Futuna. In Samoa, also known as lolomi and milimili. East Futuna, he also called milimili, fakasolosolo, amoamo, lusilusi, kinikini, fai'ua. Call the Maori roromi and mirimiri. Fotofota massage in Tonga, tolotolo, and amoamo. In Tahiti it rumirumi. In Nanumea in Tuvalu, massage is known as the popo, kukumi pressure applications, and hot applications tutu. Massage also has been documented in Tikopia in the Solomon Islands, on Rarotonga and Pukapuka in Western Samoa

Medical massage 

Massage is used in the medical field including decongestive therapy is used for lymphedema that can be used in conjunction with the treatment of breast cancer. Carotid sinus massage is used to diagnose carotid sinus syncope and is sometimes useful to distinguish supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) from ventricular tachycardia. That, like the Valsalva maneuver, is a therapy for SVT], however, is less effective than management of SVT with medications.

In Meso-America as in other regions of the world's indigenous forms of soft tissue and structural massage have been developed. Today, this art survived thanks to lots of ice or Sobadoras as Hueseros has handed-down techniques through oral tradition.

Myofascial release massage 

Massage Myofascial release refers to the manual massage technique for stretching the fascia and releasing bonds between fascia, the top layer, and the muscles in order to relieve pain, increase range of motion and equilibrioception. Myofascial release usually involves applying shear compression or tension in various directions, or by skin rolling. Pebble massage sandals from Dalian, China.

Postural Integration (PI)
Postural Integration (PI) is a process-oriented bodywork combines massage with the network in breathwork, movement and body awareness and emotional expression.

Raynor Massage 

Raynor massage has a goal of finding muscle tension and any blockage in the flow of chi and get rid of it. Usually this is a very deep tissue massage of the abdomen with an emphasis on the massage and the "emotional release".


Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the hands and feet associated with each organ, gland, and body systems.

Russian Massage
Russian Massage has three phases. The first stage is a soft, slow and light. The second stage is hard, deep and fast. In the third stage is similar to the first stage of a slow and gentle. Massage therapists apply honey.
Shiatsu comes from "shi" means finger and "atsu" means pressure. Is an eastern (oriental) born therapy that uses pressure applied with thumbs, fingers and palms to the same energy meridians as acupressure and incorporates stretching. It also uses techniques such as rolling, brushing, vibrating, grasping, and in one particular technique developed by Suzuki Yamamoto, emphasis is given to people on the back foot, leg and foot (required for preparing special "feet" shiatsu).

Hot stone massage. 

A stone massage uses cold water or heated stones to apply pressure and heat to the body. Stone coated with oil can also be used by the therapist provides a variety of massage strokes. Used hot stones are stones ordinary river from time to time, have become very slippery and smooth. As the stones are placed along the receiver back, they help to maintain heat and then penetrate into the muscles, releasing tension.

Structural Integration
Structural Integration's aim is to relax tension patterns in your body's myofascial system, return it to the natural balance, alignment, length, and convenience. This is done with deep, slow, fascial and myofascial manipulation, coupled with movement re-education. Various brands Kinesis Myofascial Integration Structural Integration and rolfing is.

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage uses five styles long, flowing strokes to massage. Five basic stroke effleurage (slide or sliding), petrissage (massage), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross-fiber) and the vibration or shaking.

Swedish massage has been proven very helpful in reducing pain, stiffness, and improve function in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee for eight weeks. This also proved very helpful in individuals with poor circulation. The development of Swedish massage is credited to Per Henrik Ling, although the Dutch doctor Johan Georg Mezger adopted the French name to show the basic strokes. The term "Swedish" massage is not really known in the countries Sweden, where called "classic massage".
Thai massage 

Renowned Thai massage in Thailand as Nuat phaen Boran, meaning "old or traditional massage, Thai massage originated from India and is based on ayurveda and yoga. Combining massage techniques such as yoga position during the massage; northern style emphasizes stretching while the southern style emphasizes acupressure.

Chinese traditional massage 

Two types of traditional Chinese massage there - Tui Na is to focus on pushing, stretching and squeezing the muscle and Zhi Ya that focuses on pinching and pressing at acupressure points.
Both are based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Trager Approach
Trager approach combines movement, massage and education.

Sometimes confused with pressure point massage, this involves triggering off points that can cause local pain or referred pain sensation and others, such as headaches, in other parts of the body. Manual pressure, vibration, injection, or other treatments that are applied at these points for myofascial pain. Trigger points were first discovered and mapped by Janet G. Travel (President Kennedy's doctor) and David Simons. Trigger points have been measured photomicrographed and electricity.
In 2007, this paper presented pictures showing Trigger Points using MRI. These points relate to dysfunction in the myoneural junction, also called the neuromuscular junction (NMJ), in muscle, and because it was different modalities of reflexology, acupressure and pressure point massage.

Visceral manipulation 

One form is Mayan abdominal massage which is practiced in many countries in Latin America. This type of massage developed by the Therapeutic Elijio Belize and brought to the United States by Rosita Arvigo. Although nursing is a respected and well known massage Maya user, he does not develop this modality. "Mayan Massage" technique has been used since before the Spanish conquest and is still practiced today by many Sobadores or Hueseros.


Watsu is a combination of hydrotherapy and shiatsu developed by Harold Dull. The work done in skin temperature water with both therapists and practitioners in the water, usually a pool of between 3.5 feet to 4 feet (100-120 cm) deep. Jobs that require a lot of movement in the water and practitioners believe that he entered the activation energy lines derived from shiatsu.